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All health care ideas studied

The Spokesman-Review’s Jan. 23 editorial (“Health care reform ideas need airing in Olympia”) raises good points. As vice chair of the House Health Care Committee, I’m familiar with every Democratic and Republican health-related bill introduced this session. No idea has been ignored, regardless of its source. I believe anything is possible when you don’t care who gets the credit.

We cannot wait for a federal solution. Washington state has been a leader in developing innovative health care systems for all citizens, and will continue to be.

However, when federal health care reform does happen, Washington needs to move quickly to conform to the legislation. We do not have a complete picture of the final bill, but must anticipate what opportunities and challenges this creates for Washingtonians. To accomplish this, Insurance Commissioner Kreidler established an advisory committee, on which I sit, to make recommendations about our future health care system.

A sick child, an injured worker or an ailing senior doesn’t care if they’re helped by a Democratic or a Republican innovation; I don’t either. I simply want to know if it will solve a problem and help keep Washington in its current position as a leader in delivering health care.

Rep. John Driscoll

6th District, Spokane