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Letters to the Editor

Tue., Feb. 2, 2010

‘Green’ won’t do it all

“Green power” will account for about 10 percent of our electric power demand. Counting hydropower as “nonrenewable” and limiting environmentally clean nuclear power when $4 billion has been spent for the Yucca Flats facility is counter to developing the needs of our country. Conservation/efficiency can account for 10 percent savings on demand. This “green” stimulus spending on “gizmos” might save 10 percent and create a few jobs.

The power demand increases as the population grows. How many electric outlets do you now install in new homes, schools, offices? How do you deliver new sources of electric power to the load centers when you can’t store electricity and the new power sources are located far from the load?

We need to build additional power and gas/oil pipelines. Our national energy grid is overloaded and congested. The grids need larger conductors, pipelines and additional right-of-way. Without this expansion, America will soon be a second-rate country.

The U.S. has coal, gas, oil, solar, wind and uranium sources available. Nuclear power can be made safe and the waste taken care of. Other countries make use of their resources without bankrupting their treasury.

William C. Miller Jr.

Almira, Wash.

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