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Foreign voice not welcome

Bill McLachlan’s letter to the editor (“Welcome to personhood,” Jan. 28) deserves an A letter grade for his insightful comparisons of individual rights and corporate deviations from those same rights. Why an A and not an A-plus, you might ask?

Good question, the answer to which might go something like the following: One important question was not addressed. What happens when a foreign government owns substantial ownership in a corporate “personhood”? What if, for example, it pushes for political change here that best serves its own government? Do the citizens of the USA want foreign powers to dictate which political candidates receive support and which do not? Certainly not.

Perhaps those five court justices voting in favor of giving corporations the same rights as citizens need to rethink and then repeal their decision, recognizing the reasoning of the court of their peers, namely, the four dissenting justices.

Robert McGinty

Liberty Lake