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Whoa to galloping government

The state sovereignty bills introduced by Rep. Matt Shea are long overdue and sorely needed to help rein in an out-of-control national government.

Your editorial (Jan. 26) talks about the painful budget cuts of 2009, yet the state general fund expenditures are budgeted to be $40 million higher for 2009-11 than the 2007-09 budget. Only people who support the ever-expanding, cradle-to-grave welfare state would consider this slowdown in the rate of growth of spending to be a painful cut. An actual 10 percent cut in the budget accompanied with a real 10 percent reduction in the sales tax and property tax would be a welcome relief.

No, Matt Shea is not wasting time. He is simply trying to stop the state and national government from wasting the time and hard-earned tax dollars of his constituents.

Steve Dunham



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