February 4, 2010 in Letters

Patience for Obama

The Spokesman-Review

I find it amazing that while we were willing to allow the Bush administration and a Republican Congress not one, but two terms to bring this nation almost to its knees, some of us are ready to pull the rug out from President Obama and the Democratic Congress after one year. Why? Because we are buying into the lies and distortions shrieked at us 24 hours a day by the same political hacks and junkies who got us into this mess.

It’s time we grow up and take responsibility for our actions. We forced this administration into emergency mode with our previous votes and now we have to live with imperfect solutions.

Had we whined and stomped and let ourselves be herded by bogeymen like frightened 5-year-olds during other historic crises we would never have become the great nation we are today. So buck up, face reality and give this administration and Congress a reasonable time frame in which to sort things out.

And if you really want fair and balanced, listen to the unfiltered question-and-answer session President Obama recently had with the Republican Caucus. It will open your eyes if they’re not already blinded by the right.

Nancy Davis


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