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Care seen from others’ angle

I saw a guy in a wheelchair and he was in front of a pharmacy. I did not like this pharmacy but it got me to thinking. Why do I not like this company? Is it how they treated me or are they unethical? Then I thought about the guy in the wheelchair. What does he think? How does he feel? What does he think about this pharmacy?

I will tell you what he thinks. He thinks I am blessed to have a pharmacy close to my house because I am in a wheelchair. I can take my scooter over to this pharmacy and get meds and do some grocery shopping at the same time and they will deliver my scripts to my house in a pinch because I live close.

Just seeing a man in a wheelchair made me realize that other people are real and have real problems that sometimes we completely mobile people can’t identify with. As we change, so do our opinions. Why should every American wait to be in that wheelchair before understanding that being covered by universal health care is a good thing?

Mike Sweeney

Medical Lake


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