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Sun., Feb. 7, 2010

Gun outburst misfires

I am writing to you in regard to a reader comment published in the Spokesman by the username “Spokanecougar” (Weighing In, Feb. 1). In short, the article submitted by Spokanecougar included a negative emotional approach to addressing a proposed ban on assault-style firearms, including the AK-47.

The commenter used no real evidence or proof in their argument; instead, they put down and criticized the legalization of AK-47s based on nothing but sheer emotional angst.

“There is no reason that an AK-47 should be legal and if you think so you are nothing but an idiot.” This is a direct quote from the article that proves nothing but the commenter’s pitiful opinion. Let me address that unless the AK-47 has been modified with a selector switch that enables it to fire fully auto, it is not an assault weapon; it’s actually not much different than a semi-automatic shotgun that duck hunters use.

Factual information goes a lot further than emotional appeals, and I feel that Spokanecougar was out of his or her element when commenting on the AK-47 and its legalization.

Sarah Keltonic


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