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HBO film apolitical? Oh, please

Regarding Sunday’s (Jan. 31) S-R article, titled “In O’Donnell’s film, it’s all in the ‘Family’ ”: According to HBO’s Sheila Nevins, head of their documentary unit, HBO never set about to make a “political point” when they asked (radical, presently separated, lesbian) Rosie O’Donnell to make a “documentary about families.” Of course, according to O’Donnell and many others, “families” with two mothers and no fathers, or two fathers and no mothers, etc., etc., (you name it) are every bit as normal and/or traditional as are families with a mom and dad married to each other.

If you actually are so naive as to believe that Rosie O’Donnell and HBO were not out to make a “political point” right from the start, you will also believe that the moon is most certainly made of blue cheese.

Ken Campbell

Deer Park