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Sun., Feb. 7, 2010

Murray’s priority: re-election

Sen. Patty Murray, the “mom in tennis shoes,” is at it again. Did anyone else tire of her endless e-mails parading teary-eyed folks standing in front of their tents having lost their houses because of lack of health care? I know local folks who received no response or return call when they called Murray’s office to protest Obamacare. Town Hall? Only carefully packed with people with the desire to push Obamacare. Murray paid no attention at all to disagreement, much like her mentor in the other Washington.

Now that the Dems may be on the road to a November trouncing, her e-mails have started again – but no mention of health care. She believes that I now need light rail, built by prevailing-wage union labor. I may never use it but no matter. It creates jobs that Murray expects will keep her employed. And that is more important than citizen-centered representation.

Her partnership with Obama is born of evil; she is waging full war on small business, private investment and the Bill of Rights. If you vote for her again, just don’t use the word “representation” in your defense. Her tent, as the cliché goes, is quite small.

John Tyson

Spokane Valley

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