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The Slice: Can we just call it a tie?

I have decided that I cannot print any more “Nicest receptionist” nominations.

For one thing, I have received too many. So if The Slice mentioned, say, Colleen Graczyk at Brighton Court Assisted Living, it wouldn’t really be fair to all those I’ll never get around to noting.

And the more names I do mention, the greater the likelihood that some wonderful people are going to start feeling left out. If I salute Jackie, Pam and Angie at Peterson Dental, I’d pretty much have to mention Del Heller who works for a local endodontist. Or Jill and Lea at KidSmile Dental.

What about Remy at Argonne Family Chiropractic or Jill and Vanessa at Cancer Care Northwest? Should I leave them off the list along with Margaret at The Waterford?

You see my problem. Then there’s the whole issue of checking spelling without letting the cat out of the bag. Can I be certain that “Therese” is the correct way to write the name of the touted receptionist at Hunter Veterinary Clinic?

Should I call Chris at Central Pre-Mix Concrete and say, “In the on-letterhead nomination from anonymous co-workers, I’m not sure about the handwriting when it comes to your last name”?

And nominations such as “Kim Sprinkle at Bliss,” “Amber at Dr. Henry’s,” “Susan at Dr. Husky’s office” or “The two people at Physicians Clinic” seem, well, incomplete.

No, I think the thing to do is call it a day on this topic before anyone gets hurt.

I mean, suppose you were a receptionist. How would you feel if The Slice praised Claudia Beeman, Stacy Thompson, Kathy Nickel, Sue Milliken, Sharon Turlik and Cheryl Matthews, but omitted Shirley Hoy?

Not very happy, I’d wager.

So let’s move on.

Today’s Slice question: Ever get food poisoning from hors d’oeuvres at a party?

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