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Wed., Feb. 10, 2010

Spending throttle stuck

State legislators have completely lost sight of the fact that their job is strictly to represent us. The Democratic majority’s current move to suspend the supermajority to raise taxes as approved by voters two years ago is the most recent example of their arrogance. As the voters know, when the budget is tight, you cut costs. Rather, the legislators continue to spend at an unprecedented rate.

Gov. Chris Gregoire came to the governor’s office with a budget surplus and promptly increased government spending, including adding thousands of new state employees. While unemployment is rising at staggering rates, state employees are getting raises. Throughout the state, campus salaries are soaring (per Bart Haggin’s letter, Feb. 4). Luxury buildings are going up on campuses. Meanwhile, students who pay their own way without federal or state grants cannot afford the soaring costs of tuition and books.

Legislators need to take a lesson from those of us who manage our personal budgets. Cutting costs and reducing programs is painful. But it sure beats bankrupting our state.

Beverly Robertson


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