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Time for change in Olympia

I truly believe the phrase “diminishing returns” has finally reached its saturation point with our folks in Olympia. The Legislature has proven over and over its innate inability to fiscally restrain itself, especially in light of what is apparently going to be a long period of economic recovery. Now, our representatives have decided to overturn the will of the people by suspending Initiative 960, initiated in 2007.

It should be obvious to anyone that when our elected officials challenge the will of their constituents, pointedly Sen. Lisa Brown, it’s time for a change. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we have to live within a budget, and to continuously spend money is just plain irresponsible.

Obviously, the 26 senators who feel it’s necessary to load us up with more taxes haven’t got a clue as to where the real problem lies. I urge my fellow residents of this state to show these folks the door without compensation or benefits of any kind. They haven’t earned it.

J.W. Esco

Liberty Lake


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