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Letters to the Editor

Thu., Feb. 18, 2010

Budget belongs to Congress

Mr. Carver states in his letter printed on Feb. 11 that the public should study the history of the budget deficits created under each president since JFK, the implication being that the president, alone, is responsible for the nation’s budget. Not true.

This implication flies in the face of the actual facts of how our nation’s budget is actually created. The president is responsible for submitting a budget to Congress. The Constitution gives sole responsibility to the Congress for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. The president can only propose a budget; he cannot force the Congress to accept it.

Only the Congress can approve any budget they choose. If the president vetoes the budget, the Congress can override the veto if they want to. The fact is, under our Constitution, the Congress sets, approves and is responsible for the final budget.

If the Congress does not like the president’s budget, they change it. If they vote for it, that presumably means they agree with it.

If Mr. Carver wishes to point fingers regarding responsibility for our budget deficits, I suggest that he research which political party was in control of Congress during the years he referenced.

Chuck Kieffer

Spokane Valley

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