February 18, 2010 in Letters

Straight and narrow

The Spokesman-Review

In a recent letter (Feb. 14), Bill Stroyan observed; “Now our military leaders want the gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the service. Doesn’t anyone care about the morale of straight servicemen and women? It sure seems to me there is something wrong with this picture.”

The CBS Evening News has reported, “The Pentagon released a disturbing report Tuesday (March 17, 2009) on sexual abuse in the military, saying that more than 2,900 sexual assaults were reported last year, up nearly 9 percent from the year before. Nearly two-thirds of the cases involved rape or aggravated assault.”

If Stroyan is really interested in the morale of straight women in the military, he would concentrate on something real rather than his biased rantings.

Philip Waring

Coeur d’Alene

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