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Fish story, the sequel

Regarding The Spokesman-Review’s front-page article on Feb. 13, “State cleaning plan sees sparkling Spokane River” by Becky Kramer:

Eastern Washington Director Grant Pfeiffer of the Department of Ecology states that it will be like adding a new lake for fish to live in after a plan to reduce phosphorus levels is in place. This is only one side of the story.

In 30 years of fishing Long Lake I find its 22 miles of length very abundant in fish and other aquatic life.

It has large populations of perch, crappie, small and largemouth bass, pike minnow and carp, to name a few.

When the lake is drawn down in winter, hundreds of deer and waterfowl feed on the exposed weed beds.

Long Lake rivals any place in Washington state I have fished for abundance and size. In July and August, an observer will see literally millions of fish fry from a successful spawning season year after year.

This is another side of that same story.

Richard Anthony



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