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Condo corridor must be avoided

It’s past time for all the discussion about the old YMCA at Riverfront Park to stop and remove the building and restore the land to its original state. All people should have the opportunity to enjoy that area and the river, not just those that purchase million-dollar condos.

If it were up to Ron Wells and his ilk, the entire river, both sides, would be a corridor covered with million-dollar condos. There is much discussion and effort to restore the Spokane River to its original state. That must not include multistory concrete structures that will shade the river from any citizen view and use and from natural sunlight reaching the waters and vegetation. We have had enough such expansion on the riverbanks. It must stop.

The developers could care less what consequence they may have on the landscape and environment of the Spokane River as long as they can fill their pockets with money.

George Britton



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