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The Slice: Nowhere near accurate

Thu., Feb. 25, 2010

Mike Wirt is probably not the only local cable TV subscriber to experience a “hmmm” moment when seeing recent tourism promotions for Key West, Fla.

They feature the slogan “Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.”

Sort of makes you wonder if we ought to add something to Spokane’s own “Near Nature, Near Perfect.”

You know, “Near Nature, Near Perfect, Near Normal.”

Nah. Boasting is one thing. But it’s not right to flat-out lie.

Not everyone saw those “The Slice is on vacation” notices: But that isn’t the most dramatic example of people not paying close attention to the front of the features section.

Tuesday morning, a young woman in another department on a different floor here at the Swell Paper called me at my desk. She said she had a lady on another line wondering why my column hadn’t been running. I told her The Slice would return on Thursday.

Then the Swell Paper employee asked me, “Does it only run on Thursday?”

OK, where were we: Oh, yeah. Readers offered advice on coffee-drinking. More on that Saturday.

The most popular answers to the question about Studebakers making a comeback were variations on the time-honored critique of that auto line’s styling: “Who’s to say? You never could tell if a Studebaker was coming or going.”

Several readers noted that there are still a few opportunities to call in song requests to radio stations.

Others wanted it on the record that some Valentine’s Day engagements and weddings are followed by decades of happiness.

And voting was mixed in the matter of whether Spokane truly has its own slang.

Today’s Slice question: Have you been amazed at how often Spokane gets mentioned during televised Olympics skating coverage (and pronounced correctly to boot)?

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