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Fri., Feb. 26, 2010

More hysterical than historic

Designating the downtown YMCA a historic building is either a bad joke or an obvious attempt to abuse the system.

The downtown Y is the greatest eyesore in Spokane County. It is 1960s architecture gone wrong, and more importantly, blocks the best possible views of the most scenic and culturally significant place in Spokane County – the Upper Spokane Falls. Using Conservation Futures and parks money to raze this ugly building and restore the falls to their natural state is completely appropriate.

I urge our city leaders to return the falls to their rightful place as the city’s crown jewel. In the same way as Riverfront Park is far more valuable than the rail yard it replaced, enhancing the falls for everyone’s enjoyment will far exceed the value of some offices or condos. The millions of people who will finally see the falls the way they should be seen will thank us for getting this one right.

Paul Humphreys

Liberty Lake

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