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Appeal was needed

Sun., Feb. 28, 2010

I agree with Greg Lee’s Feb. 18 article (“WV wrestler deserved fair ruling”) concerning a weigh-in ruling against a West Valley High School senior. Coach John Owen should have appealed the decision that ended this student’s high school wrestling career.

My concern is that in pointing fingers of blame, we lose sight of the reasons many are upset by this ruling. Rules are designed to protect our athletes, not to mete out baseless punishment. This young man alone bore the brunt of the ruling, even though he was completely without fault.

We support sports to build confidence and character, and keep our youth in school and responsible for maintaining their academic record.

Anyone connected with sports should question how, after years of training and keeping on top of school work, a student’s bid for state could be ended by an ill-advised 30-second technicality.

I challenge all administrators, referees, coaches, teachers and parents to reflect on the value of sports in our schools and resolve that the pressures we place on our young adults always be used to build them up, never to knock them down.

Brenda Swanson



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