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Sun., Feb. 28, 2010

Brown bears responsibility

In response to Sen. Lisa Brown’s guest editorial (“State needs more revenue,” Feb. 21), first of all, let’s look at Lisa Brown. She has been in the state House and Senate for 18 years, almost all of them in the majority. She has been the budget committee chairman and majority leader, so the budget problems of which she speaks are the works of her and her ilk. Therefore, she should accept, at the very least, partial responsibility for any budget problems in Washington state.

She claims the state budget is a moral document. How about the morality of Ms. Brown, who has represented the poorest district in the state for 18 years, and has done little to increase the standard of living in her own district, outside of increasing their dependence on government programs, trapping them in poverty and decreasing their opportunities?

And guess what after 18 years? Her district is still one of the poorest districts in the state. Is that moral? Is that progress? Is that representation?

Don Gillespie


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