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Meltdown’s cause concealed

Sen. Lisa Brown’s apocalyptic discussion of the nations, states and individual families’ financial meltdowns seems to paint a picture of plunging revenues that exceed expenditures without explaining the root causes of our current financial dilemmas (“State needs more revenue,” Feb. 21).

She fails to mention that our state’s Democratic majority has worked hard over the last two legislative cycles to irresponsibly increase state spending at all levels, raided the state Health Care Authority fund (making it technically insolvent) and reduced the deficit with Obama funny money that federal taxpayers will be required to repay with much higher federal income taxes.

Her assertion that taxes were not increased is false. Liquor prices increased substantially because the Democrats stole over $200 million from the Liquor Control Board. Our state’s financial problems are directly the result of Democratic politicians irresponsibly redistributing income and wasting money to satisfy their special-interest friends.

We have no choice but to replace our current Democratic majorities with disciplined and honest candidates.

Ed Walther