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Woods arrogant

After witnessing the Tiger Woods press conference (Feb. 19), one cannot help but recognize the cavernous gap that exists today between the world of professional sports and the world of amateur sports, whose athletes have been thrilling the world this week at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

How foolish/arrogant can Woods and his handlers be to hold a press conference (that day) and, through timing alone, force the obvious comparison of himself as a professional athlete to the numerous amateurs who have so dominated the sports pages and front pages of this nation’s newspapers all week? Unless, of course, Mr. Woods was hoping his necessary and embarrassing public apology and appearance would be buried beneath the plethora of positive Olympic stories being generated daily.

One can only hope that Woods’ press conference timing was intentional, thereby recognizing and accepting his responsibility of being a role model … a role being so ably, selflessly and willingly filled by amateur athletes from around the world competing at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Jim Meyer