January 7, 2010 in Letters

Get a keeper for columnist

The Spokesman-Review

Does The Spokesman-Review employ a responsible adult in its newsroom that could exercise some editorial judgment before unleashing Doug Clark’s fantasies?

I rarely read Mr. Clark and his Dec. 31 column provides ample reason why. I saw only a few of his predictions for 2010, catching the jump on page A12 where Mr. Clark’s Prediction 14 suggests there will be another escape at the fair. The manhunt in 2010 “will focus on a carnie suspected of committing indecent liberties with the winning giant pumpkin.”

The only giant pumpkin here is the one resting on Mr. Clark’s shoulders and the filling apparently has been carved out. By what standard does The S-R consider this supposedly sexual feat humorous?

And since the escapee is presumed to be mentally ill, how can you let your columnist impugn this class of people? What image does Mr. Clark seek to plant in our minds? Some drooling lunatic in coveralls sweating over a blue-ribbon pumpkin? I submit that Mr. Clark is the one in need of confinement, at least from his keyboard.

I enjoy good humor but Mr. Clark’s columns reveal a dark side that few would label healthy or good for our community.

Ron Hauenstein


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