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County wants to get rid of outdated books

Spokane County may soon eradicate 10,000 books.

No “Fahrenheit 451” worries, though.

The doomed literature is just law books that no longer fit in the county law library.

The library moved last fall from the Paulsen Center downtown to the Gardner Center Building at 1033 W. Gardner Ave. on the county campus, where it occupies about a thousand fewer square feet.

Officials moved the library into the county-owned building when Paulsen Center managers ended 90 years of free rent.

The relocated library has about 50,000 volumes, 10,000 of which are stacked randomly on 20 pallets. Some of the unshelved books may have “residual value,” but sorting them would be a “futile and wasteful effort,” according to Purchasing Director Bela Kovacs.

Law librarian Cynthia Lucas said she contacted other libraries and couldn’t find any interest in the displaced books.

If county commissioners agree Jan. 26 that the tomes are surplus, Lucas plans to send them to a recycler.