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Governor’s contracting out

Gov. Christine Gregoire has enlisted Lisa Brown, the tax ’n’ spend state senator from Spokane, to pitch against us evil state employees. Gregoire’s predecessor and a Democrat-dominated Legislature, then perpetuated by Gregoire herself, forced unionization of every non-management state employee, now claims state employees are greedy, not accepting pay cuts or furloughs. Knock me over with a feather!

She is the problem. Not the employees. I am a state employee who is not (happily) a member of the union. Gregoire wants it both ways; she wants the union votes; she wants to be the budget-balancing heroine without the flak. Lisa Brown “represents” a district that is not dominated by union labor so she can be the governor’s shill without costing her re-election.

I don’t want a furlough but believe it is the governor’s job to impose one (or pay cuts) on all employees and then stand up and defend it.

Don’t count on it. She is protecting her hoped-for opportunities either as a federal senator from this state or a federal Cabinet appointment, and to do that she must not offend organized labor. To avoid that she has enlisted Lisa Brown.

Another example from Gregoire’s handbook on quality governance.

John M. Tyson

Spokane Valley


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