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Skaters’ mothers

Sat., Jan. 16, 2010

Laura Dobbs, left, and Lori Jacobsen.
Laura Dobbs, left, and Lori Jacobsen.

Lori Jacobsen, 49, of San Francisco, and Laura Dobbs, 40, of Mission Viejo, Calif., are moms to senior pairs skaters Joe Jacobsen, 22, and Amanda Dobbs, 16. The two moms have spent hundreds of hours in the stands, watching their kids skate together.

Jacobsen: I was at the nationals here (in 2007). You really feel like you have a host city when you’re in Spokane. I hope a lot of people come out and talk to the skaters. As long as they are not about ready to go out on the ice, they love it.

Dobbs: I just tell Amanda to skate from her heart. And share what she loves with the people who are watching.

Jacobsen: I tell Joe: “Remember this is supposed to be fun. Go out there and have fun.”

Dobbs: Amanda’s doing a pairs event this week, and the ladies event next weekend, and in the middle, we have some time. Amanda saw something about a cat zoo here. She is a lion and tiger fan. I hear you can feed the lions there.

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