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Barb Beddor

Sun., Jan. 24, 2010

Barb Beddor, co-promoter of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, took a breather Friday to reflect on the historic 10-day event. She said husband and business partner Toby Steward, 48, would second her thoughts, especially the gratitude toward Spokane.

It’s been a really big year for us . Our little company, Star USA, turned 20 this year. We had our 20th wedding anniversary, and I turned 50 in October.

How will we unwind? We are going to the Olympics. We pledge that we’ll go for fun, but we always manage to get roped into doing something.

We didn’t get sick. We’ve gone out for runs. We take vitamins. We eat healthy, drink a lot of water. We wash our hands regularly, use lots of hand sanitizer. Adrenaline keeps you going.

We love Spokane. People call us all the time and say, “What would it take to bring you to our city?” This is home. We can go out the door and go for a run in the woods. This is a magical place. People row in the same direction.

I bet if you take a broad cross section of the community, every person has done something to support this event. For that I say absolutely thank you.

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