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Thu., Jan. 28, 2010

Liberals eyeing your wallet

The left never wants to miss a chance to spend someone else’s money or to pass up taxing achievement and rewarding laziness. Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste, Rahm Emanuel.

Let’s punish the rich achievers, because after all, jobs and employment are so yesterday. Why should we work when there is other people’s money we can legislate the transfer of? Group hug, America, but beware the reach around to your wallet. Taxation and redistribution is not charity.

I’d love it if all businesses were to boycott big government by getting together and ending the practice of paying their employees’ taxes (withholding). If government wants our money so bad, it can come get it from us personally. Imagine the outrage if everyone had to personally write a check to governments every three months like businesses do.

Putting liberals in charge of government is about as ignorant as driving in a circle to make a left-hand turn. Oh, that was so un-European of me. Goodbye, liberalism, it’s time to take back America from the so-called progressives. Let’s empower achievement and self-reliance! The free lunch is over. Knuckle-draggers for change!

Rob Leach


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