Annie’s Mailbox: No sleepovers yet for granddaughter


Dear Annie: My granddaughter is 10 years old. Other than a two-day camping trip with her father, she has never been away from her mother – no sleepovers with friends or overnighters at either of her grandmothers’ homes.

I work with a woman who has young children, and they have spent the night with friends, grandparents and even a babysitter. I know parenting advice changes over time, so I’m wondering whether my daughter’s approach is something new. – Wondering Grandma

Dear Wondering: Not new, but a bit overprotective. And we suspect it’s your granddaughter who is saying “no,” and Mom is simply backing her up. We wouldn’t pressure either of them. Not sleeping over at Grandma’s is no impediment to a loving relationship.

Dear Annie: I am a disability adjudicator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Social Security Administration. You offered some good advice to “Still His Mother,” whose son, “Joe,” thinks he may have emphysema. You said Joe might be able to get help through Medicaid or disability, but he would need a medical diagnosis first.

Actually, if Joe does not have a doctor, we will send him to one of ours for an evaluation to determine whether he is disabled. For more information, your readers can go to www.socialsecurity.gov. – D.A. for SSA and Kentucky

Dear D.A.: Thank you for the excellent information.

Happy Canada Day to all our readers north of the border.

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