July 2, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Mager sees racetrack folly


Let me get this straight: The county is having difficulty funding our juvenile facility, but there is tax money available for a raceway safety feature (June 23)?

The improvements for safety must be made, but the list hardly stops at the present $250,000 additional request. It is a drop in the bucket.

So, do our kids really matter? They are the ones who will take care of us in our elder years.

One county commissioner has been right about this raceway since it came up for auction. (Yes, the county bid against private people who would be paying taxes on the raceway.) We should not sink taxpayer money we don’t have into this venture.

Responsible, frugal management with an ear for listening to the people of the county she represents – re-elect Bonnie Mager!

P.S. Bring your own toilet paper to the county parks; they are short of money, too.

Cathy Gunderson


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