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Survey: GOP draws more enthusiasm

WASHINGTON – Republican voters are more energized than Democrats about November’s congressional elections, a trend that could mean gains for the GOP, according to a new Pew Research Center national survey.

“Republicans are much more engaged in the coming election and more inclined to say they are certain to vote than Democrats,” the survey said.

Pew said the trend could result in a “sizeable turnout advantage for the GOP in November that could transform an even race among registered voters into a solid (House of Representatives) victory for the Republicans.”

Part of the Republican eagerness to vote this year involves Obama: 52 percent of GOP voters consider their vote a vote against him.

Young voters favor the Democratic candidate in their House districts, 57 percent to 32 percent. However, Pew said, “only half of young voters say they are absolutely certain to vote.”

Republican House candidates, on the other hand, do well among people over 50 – the GOP has a 52 percent to 41 percent edge among them – and about eight in 10 of them said they were “absolutely certain to vote.”

The GOP also is doing well with another crucial bloc: Independents prefer Republican House candidates by 44 percent to 36 percent.


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