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Filings from May 27-June 4.

Chapter 7 (liquidation petitions)

Donna L. Bomar, aka Donna L. Anderson, Spirit Lake, debts of $130,734.

Danis L. Ashberger and Welhermina C.W. Ashberger, aka Welhermina C. Werble, Priest River, debts of $124,879.

Ronald S. and Susan M. Waltz, Rathdrum, debts of $672,343.

Ellen L. Conner, Spirit Lake, debts of $276,330.

Timothy J. Buchmann, and DeAnna A. Buchmann, aka Annie Buchmann, dba T & A Painting, Post Falls, debts of $211,708.

Lance W. Paules and Angela M. Paules, Post Falls, debts of $258,784.

Marshall J. Hess, Bayview, debts of $6,828,120.

James W. McQuillin and Jill R. McQuillin, aka Jill Huff, Post Falls, debts of $418,700.

Sami S. and Diana J. Hanna, Athol, debts of $98,749.

Jacob S. and Whitney E. Theissen, aka Whitney E. Jansen, Bonners Ferry, debts of $202,140.

Judith C. Kaiser-Smith, aka Judith Kaiser, aka Judith Smith, Post Falls, debts of $296,822.

Eddie G. Jorren, aka George Jorren, aka E. George Jorren, and Glenda M. Jorren, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $183,323.

Matthew J. Collie, Careywood, debts of $36,870.

Clifford M. and Robin R. Tarbert, Cocolalla, debts of $53,121.

William F. and Donna M. Suer, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $818,831.

Charles H. and Carol L. Rose, Hayden, debts of $94,306.

Michael and Sally Dodge, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $6,482,039.

Brian L. and Laci L. St. John, St. Maries, debts of $156,841.

Eugene C. and Anne M. Michel, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $255,391.

Sandra A. Borja, Spirit Lake, debts of $439,646.

Donna M. Nash, Post Falls, debts of $283,979.

Lisa A. Coster, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $10,251.

Deborah A. Shea, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $28,100.

Leonard and Joanne Pulley, Post Falls, debts of $154,458.

Thomas W. and Barbara J. Fellows, Post Falls, debts of $125,699.

David J. and Teena M. Frank, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $222,170.

Allisha Degryse, Hayden, debts of $611,088.

Ronnie S. and Robin A. Carter, Sagle, debts of $338,462.

Christopher J. and Kimberly M. Clark, Rathdrum, debts of $46,509.

Carolyn M. Kolb, Post Falls, debts of $57,379.

Shirley J. Messerly, Osburn, debts of $17,494.

Merle D. Walden, St. Maries, debts of $48,957.

Jubal W. and Billy Jo M. Goodner, Pinehurst, debts of $189,364.

Todd A. and Angelique E. Foster, Post Falls, debts of $59,203.

Glen E. and Juanita M. McKee, Rathdrum, debts of $97,524.

Stephen C. and Toma L. Dalesky, Bonners Ferry, debts of $215,276.

Ramon E. Alvarado, aka Ramon A. Estrada, and Beatriz Alvarado, Post Falls, debts of $233,852.

Anna L. Harris, Eastport, debts of $61,517.

Chapter 13 (wage-earner petitions)

Andrew P. and Ronica L. Smith, Hayden, debts unspecified.

Kristi D. Partlow, fka Kristi D. Bohannon, and Forrest R. Partlow, Post Falls, debts of $311,370.

Ken Foster, Hayden, debts unspecified.

Joseph and Laurel Koch, Priest River, debts of $172,714.

Peter C. Lillemo, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $265,950.

William D. and Jennifer J. Gies, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $224,312.