July 11, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Beware creeping bilingualism


Give credit to the Republican leaders in Bonner County who showed real courage in their decision to replace any reference to “fiesta” with the word “celebrate.” This brave stand reminds us that the use of foreign words is fundamentally anti-American.

Worse, the use of such words could mislead people into thinking ours is a land of immigrants.

The American language is constantly threatened by foreign words that lurk, like pernicious bacteria, in and around authentic American discourse. Should we tolerate words like “hamburger” or “kindergarten” that came to us by way of foreign enemies? Should our American schools be using Arabic words like “algebra” – especially when we have proof that Arabic is a popular foreign language used by terrorists?

Of course, the Spanish words (like “pina colada” and “adobe”) pose the greatest risk. None of them should be allowed to cross the border.

Patriots need to be careful not to be tricked into replacing one foreign word with another foreign word that masquerades as an American word. The Bonner County patriots were no doubt unaware that “celebrate” comes from the Latin “celebratus.” Latin, of course, is a foreign language with ties to the Spanish language. We must remain vigilant.

George A. Critchlow


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