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Calderon has some nerve

How stunning to hear Mexican President Felipe Calderon admit to Wolf Blitzer on camera that Mexican police routinely profile Central American immigrants in Mexico, demanding proof of citizenship, and they are promptly “put out” when found to be illegally in Mexico.

It is thus the more offensive that Calderon is allowed – let alone invited – to piously lecture America before Congress on racial profiling that is neither authorized nor practiced under Arizona’s new immigration laws. Yet more revolting is witnessing the whole Democratic side of the congressional aisle standing up to applaud this popinjay and his corrupt hypocrisy.

Calderon’s own country is apparently run by drug lords, so perhaps it’s understandable that he’s decided to try his inept hand at running ours.

In siding with a foreign country against an American state, I suspect that Obama and his party crossed a bridge they will regret having burned behind them. They are gambling that the voters pandered to by such trendy pop-treason will outnumber the voters they lose, but I don’t think the American Latino citizen voting bloc can be so cheaply bought.

Politicians like to say the voters have short memories. Maybe so. We’re going to find out.

William Slusher

Okanogan, Wash.


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