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From our archives, 100 years ago

A $75 bounty was laid on the head of Old Sleuth.

That’s what people were calling a “gigantic” cougar that has been preying for years on livestock in the Dayton and Tucannon River area southwest of Spokane.

Old Sleuth was suspected of having at least 20 victims over three years, including horses, cows, hogs, sheep and chickens.

“Gigantic” is right. Those who had tracked Old Sleuth estimated that the cat weighed more than 500 pounds – about twice as big as even the biggest cougar.

From the sweetheart beat: A young, “attractively dressed” woman came upon a young couple under the trees in Manito Park, whispering “sweet things to each other.”

The woman drew herself up haughtily and said, “Of all the disgusting things I have ever encountered, this is the worst. The very idea, of you two here in public, hugging and kissing. Why, I would like to see the man who could kiss me in public. I have read in the papers that young men and women indulged in love in the parks, but I could not believe it. What are your names?”

The couple declined to say. As the woman stalked off, the young couple were heard to mutter something about people who “butted in.”