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What a lousy trade Mariners made

The Seattle Mariners had two good pitchers, now they have one. Who made the dumber trade, President Obama or the management and owners of the Mariners? Ten for four or one for four (one good pitcher and a reliever for a rookie first baseman, which we need like a hole in the head, and three minor leaguers).

What a lousy trade, what stupidity!

The management and owners should open up their pocketbooks and get some good pitchers.

Felix (Hernandez) can’t carry the team. (Cliff) Lee was fantastic and the owners and management traded for unknown rookies – business as usual.

Maybe when fans quit going to the games they will figure out what they lost when they wouldn’t pay to keep Lee. Well, maybe Lee didn’t want to stay with the management that the Mariners have.

I would say Obama’s trade is not any better than the Mariners, both a bad deal.

Lloyd Zimmerman


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