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Sun., July 11, 2010, midnight

Marriage stand narrow-minded

Our neighbors to the east seem to have embraced the homophobic and backward mentality of Texas. The Grand Obstructionist Party has decided to follow the footsteps of their moronic brothers and sisters and adopt a party platform endorsing “legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal” and define marriage as between a “natural man and natural woman.”

Idaho, Montana and Texas continue to shine as embarrassments in our country and display ignorant leadership reflective of closeted politicians fearful of an America representative of full equality. I have a better idea. How about starting with legislation making divorce illegal between your coveted “natural” men and women? For good measure, how about making “swinging” illegal as well as foot-tapping in airport bathrooms and adultery? You can call it the “Larry Craig Bill.”

Wendy J. Payne


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