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Stevens’ integrity evident

With all the political fighting and mudslinging in the Spokane prosecutor’s race, I wanted to take a moment to tell you and your readers about the Dave Stevens I know. I first met Dave in spring 2003 at SFCC, where he was teaching business law. He ended up being one of the best college professors it was my privilege to study under.

After the class concluded, we stayed in touch. In the time I have known Dave, I’ve learned a lot about the man himself. His integrity, dedication to work and sense of honor are second to none. But the quality I admire most in Dave is his capacity not to prejudge others, nor does he arbitrarily disassociate himself from others due to political or social differences, just as he never once prejudged me due to my very obvious physical disability (didn’t mind that I voted for Gregoire, even though he is firmly GOP).

He isn’t about the politics, the grandstanding or posturing to make himself look good. Dave Stevens is about seeing justice done in as swift and fair a manner as possible, period. Through my association with Dave, I feel I have become a better, stronger person.

Matt Olfson



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