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Last week’s ruling by a federal judge in Boston that America’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional drew divisive debate among readers, with many predicting an eventual reversal by the U.S. Supreme Court but others arguing that the trial judge’s reasoning is solid. Find complete coverage and the full reader debate at

spokanecougar: Too bad it has taken 14 years for this to be realized. Of course the extreme right wing nut jobs on the Supreme Court will overrule this once it reaches them. It’s a shame in 2010 that we are still discriminating against any group of people in this country.

liberal_in_right_ wing_land: As a gay male I still don’t understand these conservative freaks saying gay marriage will ruin the institution of marriage. Sorry, but your over 50 percent divorce rate, drive-thru marriages in Las Vegas, people getting married 7, 8, 9+ times, among MANY other reasons have done a pretty good job of ruining your so-called institution of marriage.

Oneanddone: Marriage has nothing to do with gays needing institutional sanctity; it is solely to legitimize and organize the life of a child. Therefore gays should NEVER be allowed to adopt or use in vitro and should not be allowed to marry. It’s all a non sequitur.

Misjustice: Let gay people marry; they have every right to be as miserable as heterosexual people! Seriously though, it is past time to stop all forms of discrimination. All people should be entitled to equal rights and equal protection under the law; sexual orientation should not be a barrier to equal rights.

Sugar Shane: Human beings by nature like to lump things into binary systems: black and white, man and woman, gay and straight. Often is the case, however, that a gray area exists, and to just deny its existence discounts a significant portion of the population. How many people, through cultural conditioning, have become closeted from fear of persecution or humiliation. … Everyone sheds a tear for the Jews when someone mentions the Holocaust, but few recall that homosexuals were also slated for extermination. Fear-based ignorance, hate what you do not approve of or understand.

Daisy Minken: I wish Obama would stop discriminating against people who make more than $200K. If anyone can discriminate against a group based on “the flavor of the day,” then nobody has a right to complain. … It’s just insane to single out a group based on anything unless there’s malice from the group being singled out.


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