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Fri., July 16, 2010

From our archives, 100 years ago

A young woman visitor to Spokane in 1910 said she could not understand the amount of noise, laughter and raucous behavior she had encountered at the first-class Spokane Hotel.

“I have never seen such a place in my life,” she said. “The carryings-on have been something awful all night. And now everybody is being arrested!”

Her consternation was understandable. She was saying these words to a police officer who had entered her hotel room, searchlight in hand.

The officer replied, “This isn’t the Spokane Hotel, lady. At least, not quite.”

The woman said she had asked for the Spokane Hotel at the depot. She had been directed instead to the Spokoma Hotel, a hostelry on Main and Washington. Police were raiding it – for reasons left to the imagination in the news story – and hauling the occupants to the police station.

Police escorted her over to the Spokane Hotel.

From the drug beat: Five messenger boys were arrested in a roundup of local “dope fiends.”

Police said the five were addicted to cocaine, morphine and “snow,” which was described as opium ashes. A sixth messenger was accused of selling the drugs to the boys.


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