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The Slice: It’s a little too early to sweat it

Alison Highberger noticed a display of school supplies in a local store the other day.

“The world has gone mad,” she wrote.

Yes, it does seem a tad early.

She intends to steer her kids away from such displays for the time being. “Too depressing.”

Sure. Let them enjoy summer a little while longer.

But when children are ready to once again face reality, The Slice has an idea about easing them back into the grind. Parents can offer gentle, loving career counseling.

Based on statistical analysis, here are half a dozen vocational tracks today’s kids probably shouldn’t count on as means of making a living.

1. Professional athlete. 2. Selecting songs for movie soundtracks. 3. Fashion model/princess. 4. Recording artist. 5. Intergalactic adventurer. 6. Misunderstood archenemy.

Pet peeve: Bob Isitt wishes TV weather people would refer to temperatures being above or below “average” instead of above or below “normal.”

Here’s an easy one: What movie’s credits end with the words “With special thanks to the people of Spokane, Washington”?

Wearing miniskirts in the ’60s: “I still remember my dad telling me, ‘If you wear your skirts any shorter you will have to polish four cheeks instead of just two,’ ” wrote Jana Vitamanti.

And the mother of one of Karyn Christner’s friends said, “You should throw a party at your knees and invite your skirt to it.”

Where you recently experienced sticker shock: “At our dentist’s office,” said Jennie Groenig.

“Water taxi ride from our hotel to the airport (in Venice),” wrote Jan Brandvold.

Slice answers: Why do you keep in touch with some people from your past and not others?

“I guess we keep in touch with the ones who keep in touch with us,” said Marilyn Othmer.

“Because you BOTH want to,” wrote Sybil Gray.

Today’s Slice question: How many times did your family move when you were a child?

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