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Renewed determination

The people of the 3rd Legislative District are blessed with a fine cadre of candidates this year. Any one of them could do the job.

Several could do it well. One has a combination of heart, vision and experience to truly shine. That leader is Louise Chadez.

I first met Louise a few days after she’d defeated the Democrats’ presumed favorite, Steve Eugster, to win the right to face the Republican incumbent, County Commissioner Phil Harris, in the 2002 general election. I served as her volunteer campaign manager in that race, an unsuccessful adventure that taught us much about low-budget politicking in Spokane.

Soon thereafter, Louise told me her next campaign bid would be for the Statehouse. That was where her formidable skills could be put to best use. She would not, however, challenge a sitting member of her party.

So she waited.

When Alex Wood announced his retirement last December, Louise quickly formed a campaign committee. Fundraising is painful to this longtime social worker, who would rather funnel cash to community services than buy yard signs and advertisements, but Louise is driven in 2010. She’s campaigning to win.

Vote for the strongest candidate Aug. 17. Choose Louise Chadez.

Catherine D. Willis



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