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TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010

Tell the whole truth

Regarding the letter to the editor from John Charleston, if Mike Baumgartner’s campaign is going to deploy the attack dogs, it might caution them to tell the truth – the entire truth.

“The incumbent sold cars.” Actually, Sen. Chris Marr was a managing partner of Foothills Auto Group. Twenty years local business experience as well as chairing the Spokane Chamber of Commerce seems more relevant to our representation needs than the military contractor experience of Mr. Baumgartner.

“The incumbent believes in more spending and higher taxes.” Actually, Sen. Marr voted against the Washington Senate tax hike bill. He also supports tax relief for small and new businesses.

While Mr. Baumgartner seems like a nice enough guy, I’d like to know something about his local involvement that informs his views on Spokane. He’s lived in the 6th District for what, six months? This smells a little opportunistic.

And what government regulations does he plan to “undo” and what specific steps does he plan to implement to “hold schools accountable”? The devil is in the details. Promises and accusations mean nothing.

The writer did get one thing correct, however. “The contrasts in the Senate race for the 6th District couldn’t be more apparent.”

Linda McHenry


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