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The Slice: Pool photo shows eight is enough

I’m declaring Spokane Valley’s Connie King to be the winner of The Slice’s Wonderful World of Water Wading Pool Photo Contest.

She submitted a picture showing eight children she watches at her home daycare. They are Jayden, 7; Brendyn, 9; Arianna, 8; Bradley, 6; Madison, 10; Jacob, 5; Chet, 8; and Tristen, 9.

The kids look happy. Though, frankly, I’m not sure there’s room for any water in that pool.

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Product confusion: Quite a few Slice readers told about times they or people they know started to brush their teeth with products intended for other purposes. The most popular subcategory focused on tubes of creams, pastes or gels designed for use in other orifices.

Now I know we’re living in a 24/7 news cycle these days. The idea that everybody sits down with the paper over a leisurely breakfast is outdated.

Still, I know that there are readers who look at this column while eating their morning meal. And because of my high regard for these traditionalists, I am going to forgo detailing which orifices and what product-purposes got mixed up.

Suffice it to say, be careful what you put in your mouth.

Slice answer: “I am the oldest of four kids, and I am 52 now,” wrote Susan Teague. “My parents moved 17 times during my childhood, and I attended 13 schools by 7th grade.

“We finally settled down in Spokane (my parents loved it here).

“All in all, it was a pretty good adventure, and the fact that my mom and dad were (are) very family oriented people really made that possible. We didn’t have a military connection either. We were just an ordinary family looking for a place to put down permanent roots.

“All of us still live in Spokane, and we have since 1968. Good Old Spokane!”

Today’s Slice question: Do motorists who do not have a bike rack, ski rack, kayak holder or some such on their vehicles sometimes feel outside the mainstream here?

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