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Government bashing undeserved

Naturally, Republicans are portraying federal financial reform “… as a dangerous intrusion of big government into the lives of average Americans” (Spokesman Review July 16). It seeks to slow the dangerous intrusion of big business into the lives of average Americans, something you don’t see Republicans supporting.

After the energy trading scandal, Enron, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, Bernie Madoff, the Wall Street meltdown and now the BP oil spill (each seems to set a new record in billions lost), they need to convince us that the big bad liberal government is causing us all this hurt. That way we won’t ask: after eight years of Republican policy, why wasn’t there a better outcome? (Maybe they didn’t have a chance to deregulate enough.) And after each calamity, the ones most directly hurt cry out, why wasn’t the government there for us? Who’s “got my back” against the power of the mega-corporations?

When I see people carting boxes of documents out of some failed institution, I am glad it’s the big bad FBI and SEC doing the carting. Government is inefficient, of course. The private sector is much more adept at stealing from average Americans than the government ever dreamed of being.

Joel Gassaway

Kettle Falls

Do you know who your county commissioner is? Even if you live in Spokane or other municipality, you still have a commissioner representing you. Sometimes the decisions commissioners make can have a more profound impact on your life than City Council decisions.

This is why it is important that we re-elect Commissioner Bonnie Mager. Commissioner Mager has always stated that our community is her special interest; I believe she has proven this by her actions. Regardless of our individual politics, I think we all want a commissioner with integrity, with knowledge of the complex workings of our county, and with the ability to discern what is and isn’t proper use of taxpayer funds.

This is a top-two primary, meaning the top two vote getters will advance to the general election – regardless of political party. This means that Commissioner Mager will not automatically advance to the general election.

Commissioners represent and are voted on by the entire community during the general election, but only District 3 will see her name on the ballot during the primary. So please vote in the primary; it would be a shame to lose Commissioner Mager because we forgot it was a top two.

Linde Hackett



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