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Clarify war roles

I would like to set the record straight for anyone who believes Mr. Sahlberg’s assertion that Democrats start wars and drop bombs (Letters, May 25).

America did not enter World War I because of Woodrow Wilson. In fact, if it were up to him he would have kept America out of the war entirely. Wilson declared war not because he was a warmongering Democrat, but because the Germans began unrestricted sub warfare in the Atlantic, killing innocent Americans aboard unarmed merchant ships.

Just like Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt’s hand was forced by the enemy. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Americans – Democrat and Republican – cried for war. He answered their calls much like George Bush answered our calls after Sept. 11.

I concede the fact that Harry Truman was not forced into using a nuclear bomb. But by doing so Truman singlehandedly saved thousands of American lives. American lives that would have otherwise been used as fodder for the invasion of mainland Japan.

It is ironic that Republicans are quick to rally around a Republican president when he starts a war but are equally as quick to point fingers at the Democratic president they dumped the war on.

Kyle Primm