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Gaza reaction provoked

The supposed peacenik flotilla, who this weekend finally floated their challenge to the Israeli navy, obviously was a setup. Their intention was to create violence and commotion so that such reaction from the Israel Defense Forces would make the rowdy look like victims. The setup was not dissimilar to how the CIA was set up in Afghanistan by the double agent Jordanian doctor in January 2010 as he blew himself up, killing seven CIA officers.

When 700 or more people get together under the guise of “humanitarianism” and attempt to defy a government, it is not difficult for unwanteds to infiltrate such a movement.

All but one of the vessels attempting to reach Gaza obeyed the IDF and altered their ship’s course. So the foolhardy and reckless were thrown on the Mavi Marmara. Their intention(s) was to not only stir up commotion, but to injure and/or kill the IDF commandos who were sent to repel them.

Israel has never denied basics to those in Gaza. Israel has a policy of scrutinizing that which enters Gaza, and, given recent history, the policy is sound.

The “sane world” should constantly be alert for cruel setups from the vicious elements who abound.

Jack A. Abel



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