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Media spin Gaza clash

A freedom flotilla heading to offer provisions to one and a half million Palestinians was violently boarded in international waters by Israel. A number on the boats were killed and most were scattered throughout prisons in Israel. The reactions around the world were immediate and angry.

Here is how the major newspapers in the U.S. treated the story. USA Today: “Israel: Sea fight was provoked.” New York Times: “Israel holds 100s seized during raid on Flotilla.” Christian Science Monitor: “After Israeli raid Freedom Flotilla aid starts to flow to Gaza.” Washington Post: “UN condemns Israeli raid, calls for inquiry.” Wall Street Journal: “Flotilla Assault off Gaza spurs crisis.” L.A. Times: “Global outcry over raid puts Israel on defensive.”

When one reads online the news media headlines throughout the world on this crisis, it is truly depressing and sad what we are presented with in most major news outlets in the U.S. We truly have a controlled spin in our print media. Who are the spinmasters?

Ken Bubb