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A welcome dilemma

Moving here from San Francisco in 1961 triggered some trauma. Those were H-bomb-obsessed, politically repressed times. Our 6th Legislative District neighbors were well represented in Olympia by sloganeering purveyors of fear and suspicion.

Having lived in Europe and being newly arrived, some wondered whether we were “commies” or “pinkos.” The group known as “Freedom Fighters” did indeed fight freedom all too effectively. Even so, we somehow thrived in that initially scary setting.

Fortunately, people in those precincts are currently served by a new and enlightened echelon of political representation.

Fortunately too, the last census count put me into the 3rd Legislative District. Now I have a new kind of voting dilemma. I’ll have to choose between two exemplary applicants in the primary contest.

Who should replace the retiring Alex Wood? Will my vote go to Louise Chadez or to Andy Billig? Either would splendidly serve as state representative.

Andy seems smoother and more polished. He’s a truly impressive, small-business-oriented candidate.

Louise is a dedicated dynamo who might well be the better champion for the lesser advantaged.

Were both to win in August, district voters would face a tough but happy choice in November.

Both are surely worthy. Hooray for win-win options.

Tom Westbrook