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Wed., June 9, 2010

Cartoon was a firing offense

My shock pertains to the May 31 political cartoon showing cemetery workers removing a casket from a veterans’ cemetery with the caption reading “They found out he was gay.”

It is hard to imagine such an insensitive, thoughtless person that would draw a cartoon with this caption. Moreover, I’m shocked at the inconsiderate person at the paper who would select this political cartoon to run on any day, but especially Memorial Day. The person who permitted this should be fired on the spot.

Doesn’t anyone put themselves in the position of who will see these “cartoons”? How insensitive can a person be to not consider the feelings of a parent, spouse, lover or child of the soldier pointed to in this cartoon? These soldiers selflessly have given their life for our freedoms. Does any soldier ask to protect the rights of only the “straight” or only the “gay” in society? Certainly not. Why in God’s name would such a tactless statement be run in our paper or any paper?

As a retired 22-year veteran, we never cared about a person’s sexual preferences. There is no difference in the service as to whether soldiers are “gay or straight.” They are soldiers.

Thomas J. Thornton


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